KHP 2251 Troy University Health Education Paper

KHP 2251 Troy University Health Education Paper


This should be in a 2-3 page typed paper format. 

1. Explanation of a health education activity to be taught and implemented in classroom setting 

  appropriate for the major (i.e., elementary educators will write about a health activity to be 

  implemented in the elementary classroom setting). 

2. Grade level 

3. How the activity will be integrated into the classroom.

4. Actually Teach the assignment to a group of age appropriate students 

5. Reflection of how the activity was implemented with a group of grade appropriate students. 

  Reflection should address the following:

• How the teacher provided information relevant to major concepts in health education.

• How students were engaged in the activity that encourages healthy lifestyle behaviors that contribute to good health. 

• How the activity was perceived by students and how you plan to make necessary changes (if any) when implementing again.