Journalism Post

Journalism Post


Part A

Written Requirements:

Write a 300-word current event news story.

The article should follow the inverted pyramid style and should include a minimum of 3 direct quotes.

Use action verbs and sensory language to tell the story.

Pay attention to the lead and consider the fundamental journalistic questions: who, what, where, when, why and how. Consider basic news values that need to be covered or emphasized in your story. Work for an angle or slant.

Your writing should be lively, engaging, accurate, precise, efficient and clear.

Write in third person.

 Your article should be accompanied by three photos. 

Part B

Public Relations Project Instructions

1) Choose a celebrity that has had public relations problems in the past, or at present. (Adam Levine)

2) You will be serving as this celebrity’s new public relations representative.

3) Prepare a POSITIVE social media post to send out to the “external” public.  This is ONLY a social media post and should be short and to the point. Try to make the post 80 characters or less. 

4) Indicate what media platform you selected, and why.