James Madison University Art Worksheet

James Madison University Art Worksheet


Paper 1: *James Clifford Reading Attachment*

1. James Clifford,” Four Northwest Coast Museums: Travel Reflections,” in Routes: Travel and Translation in the Late Twentieth Century (1997), 107–45. 

What are some of the specific differences between the ways in which these institutions display Native American cultural objects? What are the dis/advantages of these choices?

Paper 2: *Mike Wallace book reading- (I put the link for this one) , and Patricia West reading attachment*

2. Mike Wallace, “Visiting the Past: History Museums in the United States,” in Mickey Mouse History (1996), 3–32.… Patricia West, “Uncovering and Interpreting Women’s History at Historic House Museums,” in Gail Lee Dubrow & Jennifer B. Goodman, eds., Restoring Women’s History through Historic Preservation (2003), 83–95.

According to these authors, what motivated the founders of history museums? What motivates visitors? And is any of this different from art museums?