IS 3346 database management system

IS 3346 database management system


 using Visio Microsoft to draw ER Diagram – ERD 

Use the NFL report to identify entities and to create an ERD complete with foreign/primary keys and minimum and maximum cardinalities. (50 Points) 

You need to create the logic for a database for the IT department for University to track the computers used within the classrooms. Computers are spread throughout campus in each building, and there are some rooms with a single computer and some labs with multiple computers. Creating an ERD, and then you should describe each computer as well as identify the room and further describe the desk/location of the computer. You should examine the characteristics of the lab and the computers there to determine how the information may be recorded. The relationships must have cardinalities, and you should list the primary and foreign Keys. You should list any assumptions that are made for the relationships.