Introduction / Brainstorming

Introduction / Brainstorming


Please go to the following site:

By the end of the day on Wednesday of week 1, please go to the site above and place as many problems as you can think of on the mind map (the site has a quick tutorial on how to add post it notes to the mind map). Do not limit yourself with the identification of problems, no problem is too small or too large at this point in our brainstorming… So, stubbing your toe on a table leg is a problem that can be placed on the mind map, but so should world hunger.

You will find that I have made some categories in the mind map, please place your problem near the category you think it falls under. If you would like, draw arrows connecting multiple problems.

Let’s turn this mind map into a large thinking board for the whole class. There is no wrong answers and if you draw arrows don’t be offended if someone else in the course changes the arrow.

The only rule is that you are not allowed to remove any post it notes or problems that were posted by other students.

Although you are welcome to include problems that are political or controversial in nature on the mind map, please do not turn this discussion or any other discussion in this course into a political or ethical debate. Please respect that others have a different viewpoints and world views from yours and that they have the right to have those points of view. Although you both find something to be a problem, you might find that you are on opposing views of the problem. This is not the place to debate who is right or wrong, this is simply the place to identify that it is a problem.

At this point we want to throw as many ideas on the board as possible. Do not worry if you are duplicating someone else’s problem, we can join them later.

Before the end of the day on Wednesday post a list of at least 10 problems that you would be interesting in researching further in a post below.

The problems you post below do not have to be ones that you placed on the mind map, they can be problems that someone else posted and you saw.

Write one sentence about each problem telling us why you chose that one.