Interview Analysis Paper

Interview Analysis Paper


Complete a report on the findings from your interview analysis. This will include three major components.

Please be sure to use the section headings below (left justified, following APA 7th). You may add additional lower level headings as appropriate. 

Introduction.  Present an introduction that indicate who you interviewed, how the interview was conducted, and overall impression of the process of developing rapport, asking probing questions, etc. 

Methods. In this section specify how selections were made to develop codes and categories. Also discuss any words/phrases and codes that were initially considered and discarded.

Results: Overriding Theme. In this section indicate the focus or overriding propositions that can be argued based on the findings of the interview. Examples may be:

Conflicts in the workplace can harm mental health and well-being.

Conflicts often arise because supervisors do not control bullying employees.

Conflicts are centered around unfair or inappropriate grabs for power.

Conflicts may be a result of petty personal conflicts.

Workplace conflicts occur when management ignores problems.

Results: Major Categories. The second section of this Results section presents several major themes/categories (at least two) found through the analysis. Present direct quotes from the interview and develop full paragraphs that flesh out your conclusions regarding the importance of these themes.

Discussion & Reflection. In this section, provide a more personal reflect on the experience of qualitative research, analyzer of data, and the process of interviewing. In this section you should refer both to reflexivity (how you adjusted during the interview) and reflection (what you learned, how you grew from the experience).