Interactive Activity Essay

Interactive Activity Essay


Discuss how training, informal learning, and knowledge management can contribute to continuous learning and companies’ business strategy.

Explain the role of the manager in identifying training needs and supporting training on the job. 

Conduct a needs assessment.

Evaluate employees’ readiness for training.

  • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of presentation, hands-on, and group training methods.
  • Identify the major parts of an effective performance management process.
  • Discuss the three general purposes of performance management.
  • Identify the five criteria for effective performance management systems.
  • Discuss the five approaches to performance management, the specific techniques used in each approach, and the way these approaches compare with the criteria for effective performance management systems.
  • Choose the most effective approach to performance measurement for a given situation.
  • 6.2 Action Required:
  • Here are  five  behavioral critical thinking questions.
  • How do you go about completing a task without clear information?
  • What is the most difficult work-related decision you’ve had to make?

How do you respond to opposing viewpoints?

How quickly do you make decisions?

Have you ever anticipated a problem before it arose? How did you deal with it?

6.3 Test your Knowledge (Question):

Pick two questions of  your choice and answer them in your own words