Individual Engineer Statement

Individual Engineer Statement


The idea of Software Engineer (SE) as been an actual engineer for some is debate (  After reading this article you might see that some actual concern is warranted.  Agree or not with this take it is up to us who aim to be Software Engineers to behave accordingly and ponder why such concerns actually exist.  In this assignment we will demonstrate our understanding of this debate and our commitment to do our part as an emerging SE.

First – Carefully read the Atlantic article (Links to an external site.)

Second – Stop and THINK for a bit

Third – Write a single page 8.5 x 11 personal statement document that indicates what we should do to become software engineers in the actual sense of the word engineer. This should include personal and career or industry level thoughts.

Format of Personal Statement

In the upper corner include a picture (headshot) of yourself and your name with the statement.

  I, your name, intend to become a Software Engineer to that end I need to:

Next write bullets that start with things like
“Learn …”,
”Aspire to …”
for your Software Engineer goals or aspirations basically what you want to accomplish in this industry or over your career.  These thoughts should be inspired by the article, some also might not be.  While the point here is not to debunk the article, assume instead they are correct and we aim in our stated goals to be more than than the negative suggestion.

Finally sign and date your personal statement at the bottom.