iHuman Reflection Week 6

iHuman Reflection Week 6


Reflection: In a Microsoft Word document, respond to the self-reflection questions below. Include a title page in APA format using the title iHuman Reflection Week 6. In 2-3 paragraphs, respond substantively to all required reflection questions. Analyze your personal strengths and areas for growth.
One rule is to always include “the worst-case scenario” in your differential diagnosis and make sure you have ruled out this possibility based on your findings and patient assessment. Your goal is to minimize the risk of missing unusual or infrequent conditions such as meningococcal meningitis, bacterial endocarditis, pulmonary embolus, or subdural hematoma that are particularly ominous. Reflect on your performance during this virtual patient encounter. What are the “red flags” in this case? Based on your pertinent key findings, what is “the worst-case scenario”? What lessons did you learn from this case that you can apply to your future professional practice?

A minimum of two thorough/substantive paragraphs can meet the elements of the assignment. The first paragraph should address (substantively) the virtual patient’s key findings, the red flags you identified, and what you consider as the worst case scenario for this virtual patient. The second paragraph should address (substantively) “lessons learned” within the assessment of this virtual patient regarding identification of red flags and identifying potential worst case scenarios that you can apply to your professional practice as a provider.

Refer to your Week 6 Required textbook readings, Chapters 23 and 24, to complete this part of your assignment. Pay special attention to pages 783-791, 817-818, 828-829 Table 23-4. You can use this as your reference/resource.
Bickley, L. S., Szilagyi, P. G., Hoffman, R. M., & Soriano, R. P. (2021). Musculoskeletal system. In L. S. Bickley, P. G. Szilagyi, R. M. Hoffman, & R. P. Soriano (Eds.), Bates’ Guide To Physical Examination and History Taking (13th ed, pp. 745-839). Wolters Kluwer.
If you also use Chapter 24, list is appropriately in APA format.