IBM 6 & 7 review questions

IBM 6 & 7 review questions


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chapter 6

DIRECTIONS: Carefully read each question. All questions should be answered with the minimum of two paragraphs (5-7 sentences). Students should analyze each question using the terminology, principles, or theories from the chapter. Points will be deducted for incorrect grammar, punctuation, and if the question is answered with less than two paragraphs. Points will also be deducted if the question is not answered in its entirety. 

Remember, plagiarism is not accepted. If additional sources are used to answer the questions, the sources should be cited using APA format. 

1. Discuss why companies go international, giving specific reactive and proactive reasons.

2.Explain and give examples of the impact of the Internet on small businesses.

3.Define and explain the process of environmental assessment, particularly the discussing the external and internal assessment

Chapter 7 

1.What are the common sources of incompatibility in cross-border alliances? What can be done to minimize them?

2. Explain why it is necessary for companies to implement a global sourcing strategy successfully. 

3. What is involved in strategic implementation? What is meant by creating a system of fits with the strategic plan?

4.Explain how the host government may affect strategic implementation-in an alliance or another form of entry strategy.