I need help with some discussions

I need help with some discussions


 Read Jane Hirshfield’s writing on Image in pages 17-22 of Nine Gates

Find and share a poem that you believe demonstrates a concentration on image. Explain what internal/inanimate and external/animate imagery is found there and the tension or relationship between them. 

Again, please keep in mind that we are trying to engage with poetry in a poetic way. It might be easy to read Hirshfield’s thoughts on imagery as simply metaphor, simile, or other figurative language terms we’ve learned, but try to focus on describing the tension of the images, and the images themselves rather than labeling them.

Also, What new possibilities are opened up by shifting your poetic focus away from meaning? Was there a “concentration” you were more drawn to than another? Was there a moment in a particular poem where a new door or window was opened up?