Human Needs – Cast a Wide Net

Human Needs – Cast a Wide Net



In addition to identifying the 5 problems, conduct some preliminary research on the problem.  List the following things about each problem:

Who is impacted by this problem (list all stakeholders – people who are impacted in any way)?

What caused this problem?

What are existing ways that these problems are being address, try to find architectural or interior design ways that have been used?

  • What locations around the world would be best to address this problem?
  • This assignment needs to be turned in as an 11 x 17 presentation.  You need to design a cover page and then start your research documentation behind the cover page.  Also, make sure you include a bibliography at the end of the document that includes all references and sources.  You are encouraged to use images, diagrams, and drawings when possible in the research packet.  
  • Please use 2D design principles to layout the 11×17 pages. Concentrate on things such as:
  • Symmetry/Asymmetry


Negative and Positive Space


  • Variation
  • Alignment 
  • Visual Distribution 
  • Contrast
  • Consistency
  • Please avoid overlapping images and do not use drop shadows in your presentation.  Furthermore, please limit your font usage to 2 fonts and make sure that all text is legible.  The main purpose of a presentation is to communicate information, so using a fancy font that looks good but is not easily legible does not meet the main purpose of the presentation.  Do not use all CAPS in sentences or paragraphs. All CAPS should only be used in titles or short phrases.  Contrast is very important when it comes to text, your text needs to have enough contrast from the background to be legible, so please do not place green text on a blue background because it does not provide enough contrast.