Hudson County Community College Sonnys Blue Discussion

Hudson County Community College Sonnys Blue Discussion


Analyze and answer the following : 

Sonny’s brother is alone in the apartment, when he considers searching Sonny’s room. What are your views of his contemplating this?

Instead, he is diverted by the revival scene on the sidewalk, and he watches this familiar scene, as if for the first time.  Not one person is holy or even particularly religious from the narrator’s point of view, but he becomes engaged and observant, of this scene for the first time, anyway. He forgets to search his brother’s things. Think about the symbolism here and discuss.

Sonny and his brother then have the penultimate conversation of their relationship as brothers. Reread it closely ending with “It’s a wonder it doesn’t blow the avenue apart.”).  Analyze the conversation step-by-step, not summarizing, but giving us your insights into what is happening as it is happening. Think about what it reveals about the narrator, about Sonny, and about their relationship at this point.

Discussion points (opinions will vary):  

Reread from “He stood up and walked to the window. . .”  to “So I made a promise to myself and prayed that I would keep it.” The two brothers talk about suffering here. Analyze what comes out in this conversation. What do you think of Sonny’s view of suffering: “But nobody just takes it. . . .that’s what I’m telling you! Everybody tries not to. You’re just hung up on the way some people try–it’s not your way!”

the attached story for your reference reading.