Hudson County Community College Religion Made in America Essay

Hudson County Community College Religion Made in America Essay



1. World Religions: The Great Faiths Explained and Explored (WR):…

2. World Religions in America Edited by Jacob Neusner (WRAm):…

In your textbook edited by Jacob Neusner, there are a number of chapters which deal with religions “Made in America.” These specific groups are:

Seventh Day Adventists

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Christian Scientists



American Neopaganism

Witchcraft (Wicca)


Select any ONE of these religions listed above. I want you to consider yourself a “salesperson” for that particular faith. Your written assignment will be to construct a packet of materials which in some way would convince me to join that religion. Sell it to me. Be as creative or as pedantic as you want to be. You may intersperse the written text with photos, videos, diagrams, etc. You will need to find material beyond the scope of the information set forth in the Neusner text. A PowerPoint presentation would be the preferred method. If you are more style over substance, dazzle me with that. If you’re a “just the facts, ma’am” kind of presenter, then be straightforward. Your collection of information should add up to a total of 3-4 typed double-spaced pages (if you are simply doing a straight paper); be sure to have a similar volume of information filling your Google or PowerPoint slides if you are doing a presentation.