Hudson County Community College Computer Simulated Experiment Lab Report

Hudson County Community College Computer Simulated Experiment Lab Report


PhysioEx 9.1 – Exercise 6 (Computer-Simulated Experiment – PEx-93)

  1. a) Activity 1 – Investigating the Refractory Period of Cardiac Muscle
  2. b) Activity 3 – Examining the Effect of Temperature on Heart Rate
  3. c) Activity 4 – Examining the Effects of Chemical Modifiers on Heart Rate
  4. d) Activity 5 – Examining the Effects of Various Ions on Heart Rate

Introduction,  Discussion & Conclusion. You will be evaluated based on organization skills, writing skills, the accuracy of your qualitative and quantitative recordings, observations, and the overall quality of the submitted report. This report should  (12 font – single space).

Introduction (4 points) – The introduction should briefly discuss the main concepts of the laboratory exercises and should clearly summarize the purpose of the experiments and the techniques that you used to perform the assigned learning activities. The introductory section should also state how the learning activities helped in putting the learning objectives within a physiological context.


Discussion (6 points) & Conclusion (2 points) – This section should thoroughly describe what you learned. It is a synopsis of the results section but is associated with your analysis of the data obtained and your critical interpretation of the results. It should also include a concise report of the conclusions of your results and should demonstrate a good understanding and mastery of the main concepts demonstrated in the learning activities.