HSA 305 Strayer Week 2 Marketing Services Engagement Letter

HSA 305 Strayer Week 2 Marketing Services Engagement Letter


In this assignment, you will write a one-page engagement letter to your new client. The Engagement Letter defines the business relationship and introduces fundamental aspects of health care marketing. Take a look at this Letter as an example for the structure of the letter.


You are a health care marketing executive who is under contract to help your client market to their target audience. You are tasked with writing a Letter of Engagement that summarizes your working relationship with the client.

  • Reflect on the scenario above, choose your provider type from the table below, and select one corresponding service and goal that is to be achieved through marketing.
  • Review chapters 2-5 of your textbook. These chapters provide excellent information on basic health care marketing, so make sure to study these chapters carefully.
  • Research two healthcare providers that offer services similar to your client. Study how these providers market their services.
  • Research the service they are providing so that you understand how services should be marketed, and to whom.

BusinessExample of ServicesGoalSmall Dental/Medical PracticeGeneral services, oral surgery, orthodontics, orthopedics, pediatrics, etc.Gain new patients.Department within a hospitalWomen’s reproductive services, outpatient dialysis, laser treatments, etc.Announce a new service.Health Care Specialty ClinicDisabled veterans, people seeking cosmetic enhancements, physical therapy, or occupational therapy, etc.Reach a new target market.Home Health Care ServiceMobility, wound care, therapy, etc.Expanding services to a new area.Government or Non-Government OrganizationMental Health, HIV, domestic abuse, anti-smoking, addiction, etc.Educate the public on a health care topic.


Write a one-page letter (one-page single-spaced) to your new client that you selected from the list. The letter should be professionally written and formatted. In the letter, be sure to do the following:

  • Introduce yourself and describe your role as a healthcare marketing executive.
  • Summarize the proposed marketing engagement including:
    • Provider name
    • Brief description of the client.
    • Goal for engaging your marketing services, duration, and payment.
  • Explain two aspects of marketing that are unique to the healthcare industry.
  • Discuss the marketer’s role through the lens of the 4 P’s of marketing and the context of the client’s business.