Howard Community College Public Figures Essay

Howard Community College Public Figures Essay


We have seen some public figures criticize the idea of participation trophies for children. Yet, we could probably go to many fields this weekend where participation trophies are given freely and some fields where trophies are quite restricted. As we consider these early/middle childhood ages (4-14 years old), it might be useful to imagine how a developmental theorist like Erik Erikson would consider the question.

Therefore, imagine that you are Erik Erikson.

  • Explain the stages of your theory that would match up during these age ranges (4-14).
  • How might you (as Erikson) support/refute the giving of the trophies? In other words, what do you think his stance would be, and why?

Compare/contrast your developmental opinions with Erikson’s probable stance.

  • Explain your own logical position (make sure to focus on reasons, “I think” instead of “I feel”) although you can include emotional statements if you wish.
  • Make certain to write in separate paragraphsinstead of one long, rambling response. (ex., “My opinions are similar to Erikson’s in some ways but not in others.”)

In your replies, please make certain to find people with whom you disagree and consider responses to their arguments (instead of personal attacks). Consider phrases like, “There are a few reasons why I don’t agree with your conclusion…”