How to Write a Results Section

How to Write a Results Section


Your results section is the time when you report your findings from your literature

review. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when writing your results


? Begin with a very short introductory reminder of the research question.

This will just be a short statement that a literature review was completed

identifying dietary and exercise solutions to obesity.

? Remember to write concisely and objectively leaving out any opinion and

interpretation. Again, here you are writing as if you are a news reporter

just writing the facts. 

? The results is a description of your main findings. Here you will discuss any

similarities and or differences in the dietary and/or exercise solutions

covered in your five references. This is not a time just to mention one by

one what each article offered rather what were the similarities and/or

differences in what they offered as dietary an/or exercise solutions to


? These are a few of the things to consider discussing when writing the

results section: Were there similarities in the types of dietary solutions

suggested in the articles, such as some suggesting low carb diets? Did some

suggest specific daily calorie intake and others did not? If several suggested

certain calories intake were they similar in their suggestion? Regarding

exercise solutions how did the articles compare on the types of exercise

offered? How did they compare on the frequency of exercise suggested?

Did they suggest a certain amount of time to exercise daily, weekly? You

may have found many similarities or vast differences in what was suggested

as solutions from your literature review and here is where you report those


? Remember to avoid using the words “I, me, my, mine.” For example,

instead you would begin statements by stating: The results regarding

exercise solutions identified indicate…….