Homework 3

Homework 3


Personality Disorders: A Trauma Perspective

Research shows that while an abuse history alone is not a direct predictor of developing a personality disorder, of those diagnosed with personality disorders, 80% report significant adverse events in childhood (Hong, Lishner, & Liard, 2011). One study found that 91% of individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder reported having been abused, and 92% reported being neglected before the age of 18 (Zanarini et al, 1998).

Discuss each question below regarding Trauma-Informed Practice and Personality Disorders.

1. What is trauma-informed practice and how has this approach proven effective working with clients diagnosed with Personality Disorders? (cite one empirical article)

2. Depathologizing and destigmatizing our clients is crucial, the question to ask is not what is wrong with you, but rather, what happened to you? Why do you believe stigmas remain pervasive with clients and personality disorders?