History Question

History Question


For this paper, you are being asked to describe an event, person, or building in Metropolitan LA that is significant to the African American community. [The historical event must have occurred before 1960. The person must have lived most of their life before 1960. The building must have been built before 1960 and/or have significance before 1960.]  In preparation for your paper, you will be asked to complete an Annotated Bibliography, First Draft, Peer Review, and Final Draft (submission schedule outlined below).

Focus: Your paper should be organized around your response to the following prompt: “How has [event, person, or building of your choice] impacted the culture, politics, or economics of Africana people in Los Angeles?” You should summarize your response in a topic statement at the end of the introduction and support/expand on your perspective throughout the body of the paper. Makes sure to start the body of the paper with some background on your topic before moving onto more focused discussion of its relevance to the community thereafter.

Research: Your research should include at least:

  • 1 primary source by or about the figure OR a newspaper article about the event/figure/building published when the person was alive, the event occurred, or when the building was first constructed (or was destroyed). 
  • 2 articles from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals that discuss the significance of this figure, event, building, etc…
  • Analysis: Remember, this is not an opinion paper—your perspective on why your topic matters should be based in the research you conduct. As such, all discussion in the paper should be supported by quoted or paraphrased references to your research. If you don’t have the evidence you need to fully flesh out your perspective, conduct more research! You should also comment on any evidence you introduce into the discussion to explain how it supports your perspective. This will require that you analyze each quoted or paraphrased reference to clarify how it connects to the point you are making.

this is the library you will get the sources from