History of Gaming,Evolution of a Sport

History of Gaming,Evolution of a Sport


Research a sport not covered in the module that originated as a war game and describe how it changed over time as a way to preserve militaristic traditions, as the society from which it spawned transitioned from wartime to peacetime. Analyze and discuss how the rules, the field of play, materials, participants, and its purpose changed over time, along with any social, political, and cultural reasons as to why these changes occur. Please support your ideas with essential facts and examples. Cite your sources in a bibliography.


One paper: 500-750 word essay. Neatness, organization, and presentation are counted as well as spelling and grammar. Make sure you place a header at the top of your paper that includes your name, the class name and designation, the module number, the name of the assignment, and the date.


To research and learn about the evolution of a sport from its origins as a war game.