HIM-445-H7297 Professional Practical Exp 22EW1

HIM-445-H7297 Professional Practical Exp 22EW1


compare your internship experience with what you are learning by working on the EHR Go assignments. For this Milestone, compare the processes you have observed in the EHR Go activities with those you have seen at your internship site.

Prompt: Respond to each of the following questions, thinking about the EHR Go assignments and your internship site.

List four to six areas you have observed at your internship site (related to the EHR system and its supporting processes) that you might consider as areas for an improvement proposal. Present each area in a separate paragraph, explaining what you think the problem is (or problems are) and your initial thoughts about how you might propose improvements.

Now that you have identified a number of options, select the best option for your proposal. Explain what drew you to this particular area, why it is the most impactful change, what might be needed to implement your proposal, and what the costs will likely be in terms of both financial and personnel investments. Support your answer with academic sources. (If you discover that you cannot make a strong case for making the EHHR system more efficient/effective, you should probably go back and select a different area for your proposal.)

Explain how you believe your proposed changes would be received by the stakeholders at your internship site. That is, do you believe your idea would be enthusiastically accepted or initially rejected? If different stakeholder groups would have different reactions, explain what each of their reactions would likely be and why.

What do you think the results of your proposed changes would be in the short term—say, three to four months? What about in the long term—say, 12 to 18 months? Explain the reasoning for your belief that the changes would enhance efficiency/effectiveness.

Finally, explain how your ideas for this proposal were inspired by the work on the EHR Go assignments you completed in this course. How did comparing/contrasting the “nearly perfect” system from EHR Go help you identify opportunities for improvement at your internship site?