HFHM 477: Restaurant and Dining Management: Labor Analysis

HFHM 477: Restaurant and Dining Management: Labor Analysis


Assignment 1: Labor Analysis

For this assignment, you will need to choose an imaginary foodservice facility. It can be an institutional or commercial facility. The facility should serve at least two meals per day, and at least 100 meals per “day part” period (may be more), and have a menu that offers a fair amount of variety. For this assignment you will work in groups of three students.

A. Provide a brief description of the type of facility, hours of operation, type of food served, number of meals served and meal hours or peak service times if appropriate. Include all foodservices located on-premise. For example, in a hospital setting, you would include both patient and employee cafeteria operations. (10 pts) 

B. Make a Bar Chart (work-distribution analysis chart) that indicates all of the staffing for one entire weekday. Indicate the general type of activity the employee will be engaged in at the various times during each of their shifts using a key as will be discussed in class. List all positions using one line per individual employee position. Write in more specific activities on bar as appropriate to further explain if necessary. Include both paid and un-paid scheduled breaks. Indicate if shifts are full- or part-time. Determine labor-hours and FTE’s for the day. Determine meals per labor-hour. Use acceptable ranges for productivity as a guide to make sure that you have scheduled the correct amount of labor for the day. Reference productivity ranges given in class and/or text. Cite any resources used. A form will be provided for making the work-distribution analysis chart. Follow instructions given in class. (25 pts).

C. For each person doing the assignment, write one job description and an individual work schedule (task description or job outline as discussed in class) for one position. For example, if you are on a team of three, then you will complete a total of three job descriptions and three corresponding individual work schedule. Use the format as discussed in class. Also, make sure that all of the job descriptions and individual work schedules turned in follow the same format and are appropriate and specific for your facility. Note: Each job description and each individual work schedule are separate documents. (15 pts)

The information to be referred to is the Productivity Ranges.

The format and charts need to follow examples 1 and 2.