Herzing University Advantages of A Democratic Leadership Discussion

Herzing University Advantages of A Democratic Leadership Discussion

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Course Objective

This assessment addresses the following course objective(s):

  • Describe the relevance of communication in the organizational process.
  • Analyze how an organization’s design influences organizational behavior.
  • Explain how different leadership styles influence organizational culture and organizational behavior


A leadership assessment provides leaders and future leaders insight on their strengths and weaknesses. Assessments are a critical factor on the path to improving leadership skills. Having self-awareness can improve leadership effectiveness and build the support and trust of team members. Please follow the directions below to assess your leadership style.

  1. Take the Leadership Style AssessmentLinks to an external site..
  2. Based on your results, write a paper (minimum of 300 words) identifying the following information:
  • Identify and summarize your leadership style, including the following:
  • Characteristics of your leadership style
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of this leadership style?
  • Provide one example of a famous leader with your leadership style, including the name of the company this person leads. Was this leader successful? Why or Why not?