Health & Medical Questions

Health & Medical Questions


Essay #1

In this assignment you will apply the the first six steps of the seven-step process of ethical decision-making process to a case and write an essay.  This refers to the decision-making process covered in the online lecture and in the assigned viewing.  Please note that we expect you to incorporate concepts from this and previous week’s required reading into your analysis.  You can only do the first six steps because you do not know the outcome to reflect upon. 

For this assignment you will analyze one of the following cases from the required textbook 

Case 5: Blowing Smoke, or

Case 6: I want a Say

You will analyze your selected case though the first six step of the decision-making process decribed in the readings:

Identify the ethical issue

Reflect on personal bias and assumptions

  1. Gather relevant information
  2. Consider differing stakeholder values and interests

Explore practical alternatives

Make your choice and justify it using ethical theories, principles, and approaches explored in the class.

  • Your responses should be in essay format and follow the following formatting conventions:
  • The essay should be between 1000 and 1250 words, excluding references.
  • The essay should be double spaced.
  • The essay should include section headings.
  • Works cited page and citations in APA Style:  At least three (3) sources should be used in completing this assignment–the assigned readings can be among them.