HCL-311 Module 1: Getting Started Writing and Presenting

HCL-311 Module 1: Getting Started Writing and Presenting


Assignment 1: Negative Message

First, review the lecturette under this week’s readings. Then, write a negative message in proper memorandum or letter format, based on an experience in your workplace—rejecting an applicant for a job, an increase in patient charges, denial of an insurance claim, or an adverse decision regarding a piece of equipment.The memo or letter should be three to four paragraphs long and be grammatically correct with no spelling errors.

Assignment 2: Free Write – Elements of a Presentation

In 300 to 400 words, describe what the elements of a presentation are and how you would engage those elements in the presentations that you will be doing in this course.

The specific presentation assignments in this course are the following:

  • A demonstration / presentation without props (week three)
  • A demonstration / presentation with props (week four)
  • A presentation on your final report (week six)

Reflective Journal Entry

Write approximately words addressing the following: 1) What is (at least) one new thing you learned this week? 2) Why is this new learning important to professional writing? and 3) how you will apply the information you learned to your class writing projects and your professional writing activities?