HCC History Dulce et Decorum Est Poem Discussion

HCC History Dulce et Decorum Est Poem Discussion


Give a response to each of the following Discussion: 

Professor reply:

“Dulce et Decorum Est is one of the most famous war poems from this era.  First, what does the Latin mean?  And why do people think it has survived as an anti-war poem for so long?   Others might want to connect it to the history as the textbook helps to explain how the soldiers initially felt about the war. “


“The tone of both Moonlight and World War 1 Poetry is gloomy and heartbreaking. The descriptions are vivid and detailed on how people once lived near the trenches. The reading paints a picture of how the lifestyle of seeing people suffer hours before is normal and somewhat expected. The Moonlight article states, “The war is the world, and this cardboard house, eight by nine, behind the trenches, with a roof that leaks and windows that rattle, and an iron stove in the corner, is my home on it”. These living conditions were not the best, especially unsafe living near a war front. It also states, “soon it will stop after midnight I know. I can tell. I go on duty at midnight, and he will die and go to Heaven soon after, lulled to sleep by the lullaby of the guns”. The person through the reading explained that no matter what dangerous shooting or bullet sounds were near they were accustomed to it and without particular sounds it was worrisome. 

Some also faced guilt. The poem Back by Wilfred Gibson states, “They ask me where I’ve been, And what I’ve done and seen. But what can I replyWho know it wasn’t I, But someone just like me, Who went across the sea And with my head and hands Killed men in foreign lands… Though I must bear the blame Because he bore my name”.Going to war was a duty, but the repercussions mentally faced are a whole other level that is added to working and witnessing a war. 

The similarities that the two reading face were how they described the feeling of what they witnessed. While reading I could imagine and visually see what they went through. This also includes seeing how wounded people are suffering until their last breath or some mentally after. The differences were that Moonlight without the war noise was too quiet and uncomfortable.”