Harvard Business School Concept of Intrapreneurship Discussion

Harvard Business School Concept of Intrapreneurship Discussion


Read Five Insights into Intrapreneurship (attached) and connect it to a reference article (from the press) on a CURRENT social economy, social impact, social entrepreneurship, or community development problem/issue.

Write about two main concepts from the assigned text and explain how it connects to the social issue the press article covers. Additionally, two (2) questions to facilitate class discussion after their presentation must be prepared.

Facilitations are an opportunity to deepen learning, not to replace actually reading the texts. This writing should NOT present the reading or press article in its entirety, as the class would have read the text and article. Instead, the student presenting should outline two main takeaways from the reading, highlight how it ties into the hot topic social issue in the press article, discuss point of view or personal take on the issue, and present two questions to further class discussion. 

Students will be graded on the quality and content of the presentation, analysis of the social issue, expression of personal take, and quality of discussion questions. Every student is expected to actively participate and engage with other students’ facilitation. 

Note: Students MUST also post their press articles.

Post must include the following:

Post name: In the news: [Article name]

Message: Description of the article, discussion question(s) that are slightly revised for a broader community audience, and the article link.