Grand Canyon University How LGBTQ Culture Was Founded PPT

Grand Canyon University How LGBTQ Culture Was Founded PPT


Within many national cultures, such as the Italian, Thai, and U.S,Cultures- is a host of other cultural groups that researchers call co-cultures. A co-culture is a group whose values, beliefs or behaviors setit apart from the larger culture, which it is a part of and with whichit shares many similarities. Cultures may comprise many subsets, andthese co-cultures may thrive within them.

Directions:Select a co-culture with which you are largely unfamiliar. Using theinternet, research the values and norms common in that co-culture.Create a YouTube video or PowerPoint describing the values and norms.Last, discuss how others can use that knowledge to communicateeffectively with people of the co-cultural background.

For this assignment, you should have the following slides:

Slide 1-Title Page

Slide 2- Foundation: How and why was this co-culture founded?

Slide 3- Symbols: Symbols that represent the co-culture along with a discussion of it

Slide 4- Tradition: What are the customs and ideas of the co-culture?

Slide 5- Language: Distinctive terminology that is only understood by others in the same co-culture. Also, what does the terminology mean?

Slide 6- Debunk myths: Debunk myths about the co-culture

Slide 7- Norms: Rules or expectations that guide people’s behavior within the co-culture

Slide 8- Values: Standards it uses to judge how good, desirable, or beautiful something is within the co-culture (see pg. 40 in ebook)

Slide9- Discuss how others can use the knowledge of this co-culture toeffectively communicate with people of the co-cultural background

pg 40….