Grambling State University Adult Learners Essay

Grambling State University Adult Learners Essay


Chapter 3 was one of the best chapters in the text. It focused on every aspect that impacts Adult Learners at the community college or in higher education, especially for those interested in teaching at that level:

Interestingly enough, it addresses, collaborative learning, contextualized instruction, and even addresses writing instruction. What stood out the most though was the social, psychological, and functional outcomes that these students inherit and bring into the world of higher education. Even though research is limited, many higher education pundits have identified large numbers of underprepared adults entering higher education, be it at a community college or a four-year institution. What method of instructional approach would you employ, to enhance the reading for your underprepared students taking into consideration they are not reading at the level or approaches you expect them to be? Would you use collaborative learning, contextualized instruction, or create your learning process?

Create a 40-minute lesson plan activity for a group of 5 underprepared students who are reading at the 9th-grade level and are enrolled in your English Literature course at a community college. Include your objectives, rationale, and activity as well as your anticipated outcomes. Include one formal or informal evaluation for these students.