Grambling State University Adult Education and Adult Literacy Essay

Grambling State University Adult Education and Adult Literacy Essay


Chapter 3 of the text focuses on some of the challenges that I face in higher education and many of the challenges adult learners are currently facing in the classroom. What stood out the most were the factors that hinder learning amongst adult learners- the instructors who teach adult literacy. Look at the basic characteristics:

Characteristics of Adult Literacy Instructors
Adult basic education teachers
• work mostly part-time.
• may leave the field more often than K-12 teachers.
• are often required to teach in multiple subject areas.
• have scant formal education related to teaching adults, although many are qualified and have taught in K-12.
• have in-service preparation as their primary form of professional development.
• are not consistently funded to participate in in-service professional development.
• have access mostly to short-term training and conferences.
• are hindered by systemic constraints from participating in professional development.

SOURCE: Adapted from Smith and Gillespie (2007).

If these are the individuals who are the basic education teachers that we see in the GED programs and our Community College Certification Programs what can we do to improve the learning curve to alleviate these issues in our schools? Chapter 3 identifies some methodologies that can be applied but what do you believe can be done to change this approach? Please place your detailed response and respond to one other classmates post. Please post within 7 days of the assigned task. Textbook is attached for easy access.