Global businesses

Global businesses


What’s happening in consumer behavior? Here is an opportunity to find out from someone who deals with consumers.

Select a retailer and ask for an interview.

Your interview should be with the owner or the manager. Do not interview general employees or someone who has worked there less than a year.

The retailer must have a brick-and-mortar location. Do not interview someone with only an online business.

  1. This is not to be a retailer for whom you are currently or have worked. 
  2. It is not to be your family’s business or a relative who works for the retailer. The goal here is to learn about a business with which you are not that familiar.
  3. Students may not interview a retailer who has been interviewed by another student in this class.  If the retailer tells you that another student has already interviewed them, thank them and find another retailer. 

With COVID, the interview may be conducted by phone. The interview must be held live. Do not send the questions to the person for them to complete and send back to you. That is not an interview. 

  1. Assure the retailer the answers will be not be made public. This is just for the class. If the person has questions about the assignment, you may give them my  phone number (770) 730-0033.


  1. During the interview ask the following questions (in no particular order). This is a link to a copy of the questions. 
  2. 1. How long have you been in business?

2. How would you describe your customers? Who is your typical customer?

3. What have you enjoyed most about being in retail?

4. To what extent was the recent holiday season affected by supply chain issues? 

5. How is your business affected by e-commerce?

6. To what extent do you use social media to promote your business?

7. What has surprised you the most about consumers and the pandemic?

8. What is the most memorable thing that has happened with one of your customers?

9. How has the Corona-virus pandemic changed how you and consumers connect?

10. In general, how have consumers/customers changed since you started in retail?  For example, customers’ expectations, attitudes, and loyalty.

11. What special marketing techniques do you use in interacting with your customers?

12. Any other comments you (the retailer) would like to share?

Do include one other answer:

13. Personal observations. What did you, as the interviewer, learn from the interview and what other observations did you make?