Geology Discussion

Geology Discussion


7 List the four most abundant elements (by weight) in Earth’s How does this abundance change with depth in the Earth? How do the different layers of the Earth change composition? Use the terms mafic and felsic in your answer.

#8 What is the general composition of a mafic (ferromagnesian) mineral and what are two common, rock-forming mafic minerals? What is the general composition of a felsic (nonferromagnesian) mineral and what are the two most common, rock-forming felsic minerals?

#9 Describe the four fundamental forces of nature. Explain how they differ from one another and how each of them is important to your existence. Which force is responsible for the bonds between atoms in minerals?

#10 Why are there different colors and varieties of quartz? Discuss at least 3 varieties/colors.

Additional Questions

A) What is density? Given an example in explaining the concept. Which minerals tend to be denser, mafic minerals or felsic minerals? Why?

B) What is the density of water in grams per cubic centimeter or grams per milliliter? How many times denser than water are the common felsic and mafic minerals you listed in question #8?