GCU Create a Graduation Address Speech Paper

GCU Create a Graduation Address Speech Paper


Write the speech that you would give to this year’s graduating class. The form and style of this assignment are completely up to you, but you should be able to exploit all the conventions of writing and language that you have learned up to this point in your high school or college careers (stylistic devices, interesting structure, clever and emphatic use of punctuation, etc.). In total, your speech should be at least 500 words in length. You may use any of the addresses studied in class as models, but your speech is required to be original.


  • Write approximately 500 words (no more than 600!) of a graduation/commencement address that develops/supports a thesis. Your assignment should include:
  • At the top of the first page, in its own section, write out the thesis that you would like to argue in bold. It can be directly stated within your project or implied by the section you write.
  • Give a brief explanation (4-5 sentences max) of what the structure of your address looks like and explain how organized it by paragraphs?
  • Include a SECOND copy of your address in the SAME document, in which you identify the different stylistic devices that you have used (in brackets, in the margins, etc.).
  • A sense of purpose / thesis development
  • A few reflections on events, situations, experiences that have occurred over the course of your time within the school/academic institution
  • A broader insight that you would like to share with your graduating class.Your insights may be about any number of things, including life, learning, the future, community, etc.
  • An overall idea developed through the structure (there should be an overarching Method of Structure/Development, as well smaller ones within the paragraphs)