follow the questions

follow the questions


In this activity we will explore budgeting basics.  Developing a budget in college is an important part to achieving financial success.  As a college student, you typically don’t earn as much income as you will after you graduate college and land a job in the workforce.  However, the fi nancial habits you create in college will continue to follow you into the workforce.  So it’s important to create healthy financial habits now, so you don’t bring any dysfunctional financial habits into your future.  


  1. Watch the following short videos:
    1. BudgetingLinks to an external site. (2 minutes)
    2. Why It’s More Expensive to be PoorLinks to an external site. (7 minutes)
    3. What’s The Fastest Way to Pay Off DebtLinks to an external site. (5 minutes)
  2. After watching all three videos.  Write a paragraph and discuss one thing you have learned from each video (so that’s three things total).  Be sure to discuss how you plan to apply this knew knowledge into your life.  Some thought questions to consider are:  How will it help you?  How will you perceive others differently? What will you do differently?
  3. Visit CACareerZone.orgLinks to an external site. and complete the Make Money Choices activity to practice budgeting from a starting salary.
    1. Once you complete the Make Money Choices activity, click on the print icon Screenshot (223).png on the top right of the Summary page to save a PDF copy of your results.