Florida International University Psychology Discussion

Florida International University Psychology Discussion


Single in China

This week we’re watching a New York Times video about the Chinese government’s campaign promoting marriage among single adults. After watching the video clip, respond to any five (5) of the following questions/ statements as they related to this week’s textbook chapter content: 

Consider the textbook research discussing PRESCRIPTIONS about romance perpetuated by the media– how do these reflect or refute what is occurring in this situation? What dating script frameworks outlined in the textbook research explain what is occurring in these marital relationships- explain in detail? How is marriage and the wedding industrial complex, as discussed in the textbook research, applicable to assertions made in this video? The outlined in the textbook research discusses characteristics that people are looking for in romantic partners– how is are these findings applicable to the experiences presented in this video? Consider contributors to divorce outlined in the textbook research– why would these relationships experience a greater or lesser likelihood of divorce based on this research? How does any one individuals’ experience in this video support or refute the power dynamics in relationships research discussed in the textbook? Consider the textbook research examining the benefits of marriage– explain how this research is or is not relevant to the experience of individuals assertions this video?Review the comments section of this YouTube video and select three to consider; discuss how these selected statements support or challenge textbook research findings.