Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne Resort Location Discussion

Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne Resort Location Discussion


Direct Letter Assignment

Your company wants to hold it next company-wide meeting in a resort location. Your CEO (you get to name him/her) has asked you (you are the marketing director) to find a conference location for 85 engineers, product managers, and marketing staff.  The boss wants to host a four-day combination sales conference/vacation/retreat at some spectacular spot.  The boss suggests that you start by inquiring at the amazing Caesars Palace Las Vegas.  You check its website and discover interesting information.  However, you decide to write a letter or send an email so that you can have a permanent, formal record of all the resorts you investigate.

You estimate that your company will require about 80 rooms and preferably with a view of the Strip.  You’ll also need three conference rooms (that accommodate 25 or more) for two days.  You would like to know about room rates (could you get a corporate discount), conference facilities, and entertainment possibilities (at the hotel and possibly other fun things for families to do).  You must book facilities on either March 4 – March 8 or April 21 – 26. One other thing—your CEO wants to host a big banquet for about 125 people.  Your CEO wants a report from you by December 15.

Your task:  Write an information request to Ms. Isabella Cervantes, Manager, Convention Services, Caesars Palace, 257 Palace Drive, Las Vegas, NV 87551, spelling out your needs and concluding with a logical end date.  Before writing, look at the Caesars website for additional information.