Florida Institute of Technology Analysis of Short Fiction Essay

Florida Institute of Technology Analysis of Short Fiction Essay


This week, you need to reveal your plan for Writing Project 2. I realize this might not be set in stone for some of you, but you should at least have a preliminary plan at this point. Include the story you plan to write on, explain what drew you to this story, list the three elements you plan to analyze, and detail the overall theme or themes you plan to discuss.

Writing Project #2: Analysis of Short Fiction


The goal of this assignment is for you to delve a bit deeper into analytical writing: specifically writing about short fiction. Also, this assignment should improve your ability to read and think critically and to incorporate outside research into your writing.


Compose a short, researched-analytical essay using one of the pieces of short fiction on the syllabus after “A & P”. Choose at least 3 elements of imaginative fiction (character, dramatic structure, imagery/symbolism, point of view, conflict(s), and/or setting) within the story and analyze how the author uses these various components to help reveal the theme of the story. For this assignment, at least one secondary source must be used; this source should NOT come from the public web. Ideally, this outside source would be peer-reviewed.

The stories “The Story of an Hour” & “The Flowers”&“Powder” & “The Lottery”&“Drinking Coffee Elsewhere”