FIT Smartup Company Product Marketing Project

FIT Smartup Company Product Marketing Project


You are acting as the owners of a startup company, and will choose a product (good or service) and analyze the market for your product. Your report will include a spreadsheet that details the TAM, SAM, and SOM for calendar years 2022-2025. The text of your report will include a description of the product, it’s value to customers, and a description of the market environment, including a detailed discussion of the competition and why you will gain the market share you predict. SAM and SOM must be stated in dollars, although intermediate steps that show units are allowed and even encouraged. The text of the report should include detailed descriptions of the source of your data, whether it is based on published data or on your analysis. The reports should be a minimum of eight pages, and the best reports will probably be significantly longer; I want justification for everything you state and every number you list in your spreadsheet.

Each team must turn in a single copy of the report electronically on Canvas (one each per team), and each team member must also email me the material that they contributed to the project (and includes the peer evaluations). If I do not receive an individual team member’s email with their contributions, I will assume they did not participate and the project grade will be zero. I may adjust individual project grades up or down based on the individual contributions.

Project outline is as follows, and grading will be done per the percentages listed:

– Executive summary: 15%

– Product and strategy description; describe segmentation, targeting, differentiation and positioning strategies: 40%

– Market analysis (TAM, SAM, SOM chart and justifications) including competitive and other environmental factor analysis and SWOT charts: 45%