Family literacy issue

Family literacy issue


LITERACY ISSUE: Single parents/caregivers and its effects on family literacy 


Task Description: Research, select, and analyze a family literacy issue locally or internationally. As you research the family literacy issue, keep in mind the different perspectives of the stakeholders involved, and evaluate what is working for those countries and other countries with the same or similar issue to develop a plan to solve that particular issue. 

After researching, evaluating, discussing and reflecting on the family literacy problem with your group members and the stakeholders from that country(ies), present your projects. Make sure your project includes:

– The family literacy problem and how the interrelatedness of culture and structure impact family literacy programs at the local, global, and international level.

– A multi-perspective analysis of diverse family literacy programs that are practiced in the local, national, and international arenas. This is an in-depth analysis of the different perspectives (stakeholders) involved in the family literacy programs offered in the country of the issue your group is analyzing.

– How your group collaboratively attempted to create a solution to at least one of the problems discovered. Include challenges you might have encountered and how you overcame to solve the problem. Make sure to be detailed. 

– Blog (screenshots), text messages, emails, written or video interviews of stakeholders from that specific country; pictures and/or videos. The stakeholders are all the individuals involved in that particular issue who might have a different perspective on the issue under examination.