Excelsior College Javascript Presentation

Excelsior College Javascript Presentation


2 slides explaining basic information about your charity. and a script answering these questions

  • What does the charity advocate for? Who does it help? How does it function? What are its limitations? How does it relate to your chosen philosophy? Include at least one link to more information about the charity
  • ——————-
  • All of the information in the slides and narration should rely on evidence from appropriate, scholarly sources fully put into your own words.
  • Each slide should include engaging visual material and design. but do not clutter the whole slide with the text of every word in your transcript. Instead, use the slides to highlight major themes and ideas. Use your transcript narrations for explanation and analysis of the content on the slides. Your explanation and analysis should use specific information from sources that you put into your own words.

information to know:

my chosen charity that I’m advocating for is Save the Children. attached are 2 links that you should help you answer the questions and help with the script, their 2 link to there website: 1) 2)