Environmental Science Question

Environmental Science Question


Question 1 – watch the following videos and read the following articles, then respond to this question. If the Asian Giant Hornet were to become established in the United States, do you think the European and/or Africanized honeybee species could adapt to combat the hornet like the Japanese honeybee in time to save the species?

National Geographic video showing Japanese honeybees killing an Asian giant hornet that is invading their hive

Video showing an Asian giant hornet killing every honeybee in their beehive

National Geographic article on how honeybees can kill a Japanese hornet with excess heat

Academic Journal article on the potential effects Asian giant hornets could have on American honeybees and humans

Question 2 – read the following articles and discuss some things that you can do to help sustain the wild honeybee population.

Article about how to help wild honeybees

Article from The Bee Conservancy on how to help wild honeybees

Article from Ecowatch on how to save bees