English 101

English 101


**two parts**

1) Discuss the topic that you have decided to work on for your first major project . Why have you chosen this topic? What are you curious to learn more about by working on this topic? How will you make your video? Is there anything that you think you will need help with or could use more clarification on?

2) Major Project Option 1  Option 2 

choose one of them

You will record a 3–5-minute 

presentation on one of the 

contextual aspects of one text in our 

syllabus. You can choose to research 

the author’s life, their other works, 

their major themes, their critical 

and/or commercial reception. You 

are encouraged to be creative with 

this assignment and add pictures, 

slides, relevant audio, and video 

clips (nothing over 15 seconds).   


You will record a 3–5-minute 

presentation comparing one author 

from our syllabus with another artist 

that you are familiar with. Feel free 

to compare across genres, for 

instance writers with visual artists, 

poets with content creators, 

playwrights with game designers. 

Include pictures, slides, audio and 

video clips (nothing over 15 


**if you are writing I record that what you writing