ENGL 110sss

ENGL 110sss



In order to improve one’s writing, it is integral to reflect on past writing and strive to work on errors and mistakes, while also continuing to implement things one has done well in their writing.  Reflecting on your first essay and my comments on it should help yo u improve your writing for your second essay.


Review my comments on your submission for Essay #1 on Chicken With Plums. 

Determine the TOP three (3) strengths and (3) areas to improve, and type them in a list like the sample below.  You may include strengths and areas to improve from your essay’s analysis, format, grammar, or any other item that you wish to note.  In other words, if there is something you will do the same in the second paper, then indicate it under your “strengths”.  If there is something you will do differently for your second paper, then indicate it under your “areas to improve”.

  1. Be sure to indicate WHY the item that is your strength or area to improve.
  2. If there are more strengths and areas to improve that you want to add to your list, please go ahead.  This process is a self-reflection and the more you include, then the more you are able to reflect and improve.


  1. Strengths:
  2. thesis: tells the reader the significance of my essay.

grammar: I have very few grammar errors.

quotation: I fully analyzed this quotation

Areas to Improve:

formatting: I have to limit my essay to one page, per the assignment directions.

  1. conclusion: I didn’t include a conclusion paragraph.
  2. analysis of quotations: I have to expand on the analysis after the quotations in my paragraphs so that I am telling the reader the point that the quotation is proving.
  3. Points: 3 points for strengths listed and 3 points for areas to improve listed.