ENG105 MOD 4 Discussion

ENG105 MOD 4 Discussion


Part 1

Your next major assignment is the review essay. For this assignment, you will need to select a website and then compare the site to a set of criteria.  There are five main criteria for evaluating websites as shown in this GCU Library tutorial: Watch the tutorial and take notes about the five criteria while you are watching it.

Which three of the five criteria do you find to be the most important? Do they seem like enough to evaluate a website? How would you define each criterion? Why is each one important? 

Part 2 

Which website did you choose to evaluate for your essay assignment? Please provide the URL of the website and the name. Post a message in which you describe your web site (at least one paragraph), and then offer some analysis of the website and how it meets the criteria (at least one more paragraph).

Which of the criteria you learned about earlier will you apply to the website and why? Do you feel your website matches up to the criteria, and does it appear to be an effective and valuable website? Use details and examples from the website to support your answer.