ENG 212 English Literature II

ENG 212 English Literature II


Essay #2: Article Review 

The Article Review has two parts: the summary of the article and the response to the article.  For this essay, you will pick ONE of the following articles to write about: “They Treated Their Sports Like a Job” 


This will be the first paragraph of your essay.  Make sure to…

State the author and title of the article at the beginning of the summary (article titles should be in quotation marks)

Summarize the main ideas of the article

Be sure to provide a few examples that the author gives to support his/her main point

Because these articles are from peer reviewed science journals, each article contains important statistics and data. Include a summary of this in your paper!

  • Include “author tags” (according to Smith, as Smith explains, Smith argues, Smith believes, Smith warns, Smith advises…  Do not keep saying Smith says.  Vary your word choices.)
  • No quotes 
  • Do not include your opinion here; save it for the response  
  • What are you going to argue about the article? This should be right at the end of your summary. Make sure your thesis covers all the ideas you are going to discuss in your response.
  • After the summary will be your response to the article, which is your reaction to what the author argues.  The response section must prove your thesis.  If you are not sure how to “respond” to the article, look at the Analyzing and Evaluating Arguments PowerPoint again.

Your response should include some (but not all) of the following types of analysis:

Agreeing and/or disagreeing with the ideas in the text – here you will react to the ideas in the article.  You will explain why you agree or disagree and bring examples for support.  (If you agree, make sure you bring your own ideas to add to the author’s; do not simply restate the author’s ideas again.)

Analyzing the effectiveness of the text – you will analyze the logical reasoning behind the arguments, the quality of the supporting evidence, etc.

Interpreting and reflecting on the text – you explain key passages and/or examine the assumptions or implications of the ideas in the article.  (In other words, what would happen if the author’s ideas were put into action?)