ENG 102 LAVC Poem Essay

ENG 102 LAVC Poem Essay


Write a one-two-page personal response to the assigned poetry selections. You are required to respond to the following poems, specifically:

1. “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (T.S. Eliot),”

2. “My Last Duchess” (Robert Browning), and

3. At least TWO other poems of your choice from the assigned Week Six selections.

For your two (or more) personal choices, focus on the works you identify with most or that you think most represent the qualities the chapter embodies, whether it is “Culture and Identity” or “Innocence and Experience.”

While you are encouraged to make personal connections to the work, your Response should focus mainly on your interpretation of the poems themselves, consideration the themes of each chapter they explore, or examination of the qualities of poetry the poems may exemplify. Reviewing the “Reading Poetry” section from chapter one will help you remember specific poetic devices you might discuss. Your discussion should focus on meaning and form or style. That is, explain what you think each poem means and how it achieves its effect (by discussing what kind of poem it is, such as a sonnet, for example, and/or the poetic/stylistic devices it uses).