Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Aviation Culture Discussion

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Aviation Culture Discussion


Aviation Culture

Step1: write the original post.

Step2: respond to 2 classmates (I will send you the classmates’ original posts for step 2 when you send me your work for step 1).

  1. Review the Culture slides
  2. Read the article listed:
  3. Review one of the accidents discussed in the article
  4. Culture can come in many forms and sizes from small niche groups to nationwide. Write a post that includes:
    1. One group attribute (does not need to be limited to an item from the reading or presentation) that you believe is important in the aviation industry
    2. From the accident you reviewed, was this attribute present and did it play a role in the errors leading to the accident?
    3. Discuss how this particular trait may be in conflict or aligned with other cultural groups (whether corporate, industrial, regional, or national). This could be from experience or study.
    4. Note: this discussion need not be personal in nature; however, culture can be a sensitive topic. Care will be taken that posts and responses will be respectful.
  5. Respond to another classmate’s post with a meaningful contribution to the conversation.