EDU504 MOD 1 Case Study

EDU504 MOD 1 Case Study


SAGE/Project Planner: Defining a topic:
How can I decide what to study?
How do I identify a good research topic?
What practical things should I think about before I start my research?
Available in the Trident Online Library.

SAGE/Project Planner: Research Design
What is a research plan?
What is research design? (16:00 video)
What methods should I use? (16:00 video)
How do I match my research method(s) to my research question(s)?
What kind of data do I want to generate? (9:00 video)
Available in the Trident Online Library.

Dubicki, E. (2015). Writing a research paper: Students explain their process. Bradford 43(4), 673-688; DOI:10.1108/RSR-07-2015-0036

  • Identify the different types of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

    Read the following articles:

    Matveev, A. V. (2002). The advantages of employing quantitative and qualitative methods in intercultural research: Practical implications from the study of the perceptions of intercultural communication competence by American and Russian managers. In I. N. Rozina (Ed.), collected research articles, Bulletin of Russian Communication Association “Theory of communication and applied communication” Rostov-on-Don: Institute of Management, Business and Law Publishing, 168(1), 59-67. Retrieved August 19, 2013, from

    Saiti, A. (2015). School Teachers’ Job Satisfaction and Personal Characteristics: A Quantitative Research Study in Greece. International Journal of Educational Management 29(1), 73-97

    Suter, W. N. (2012). Educators as critical thinkers. In Suter, W. N. Introduction to educational research: A critical thinking approach (pp. 3-30). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. doi: 10.4135/9781483384443

Review the following resources:.
SAGE: Project Planner/Data Collection
Available in the Trident Online Library.

What are qualitative methods (4:00 video)?
What is observation?

What is ethnography? (15:00 video)?

What are quantitative methods (3:00 video)?
How can I use secondary quantitative data in my research?
How do I design a questionnaire?

What are mixed methods (4:00 video)?

Assignment Expectations

In a three-page paper (not including the cover page, abstract, or reference page), answer the questions for the Case Assignment.

Identify the purposes of quantitative and qualitative research.

Analyze quantitative data and explain the statistical analysis in the article by answering the following questions relative to the Saiti Quantitative Research Study.

What was the sample size?

What statistical tests were used in the data? What was the purpose of each statistical test?

What was statistically significant in the study and how did this impact the recommendations in the study?

All writing should follow APA format.

Include at least three citations and a reference page.