EDU 501 MOD 1 Key Influencers on Education Discussion

EDU 501 MOD 1 Key Influencers on Education Discussion


Based on the Module 1 readings, write a 3- to 4-page response paper describing the key influencers of both the Common School Movement and the Progressive Education Movement. Discuss how the key influencers made decisions and implemented initiatives that impact education today. What specific philosophies, decisions, policies, or laws from the past helped shape education in today’s world? Be specific. You may organize your paper by timeline or by influencer. You must use APA format and include a reference list at the end of your paper. The following influencers should be included:

  • Horace Mann
  • Benjamin Rush
  • John Dewey
  • Edward Thorndike

Required Reading

Jeynes, W. (2007). American educational history: School, society, and the common good. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. (Read Chapters 3–8.)

Labaree, D. F. (2010). Someone has to fail. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. (Read Chapters 1–4.)